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Plan Your Book Metadata

Welcome to Selfhelpforselfpublishers.com. The web home of Aderemi T. Adeyemi- author of Self-Help for Self-Publishers: How-to Workbook & Planner and all-around independent author and resource provider. If you’re interested in a simpler path to self-publish your book, follow the simple guidance outlined in my workbook, in combination with my courses. Together they will increase the likelihood of you successfully publishing and distributing your book on any of the independent publishing platforms.

In this course you will learn how to utilize oft-overlooked publishing tools and reduce the stress associated with a self-publishing project. This course is not a writing workshop. But the information covered is recommended for anyone looking to take their already written manuscript through the production stages of self-publishing.

You will learn about metadata, first, before taking the step of hiring freelancers to work on your book. It will help you to publish efficiently and with less stress. Beginners and even the seasoned authors, must be aware of how to utilize metadata.

Wherever you are currently in the publishing process, you can learn about metadata easily. Then incorporate it into your process. I know it’s not as glamours as actually writing the novel or whatever. But when you practice the basics, you can get it done better. Take this course and you will make it to the finish line with more stamina.

I have prepared for you just a few lessons. The lessons are quick- videos to view, with some text to read. They are free for you to consume, but if you find them to be the least bit helpful, please keep in mind that, although short in length, they consumed a fair amount of time and some real effort to create. Please make a donation on your way out. I appreciate you 100%!

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Self-Help for Self-Publishers: How-to Workbook & Planner

“Spoiler alert! By the end of this book, you will be able to self-publish your own as an indie-author. This will not happen overnight. But, by faithfully sticking to your process, one day you will awaken to find that you are indeed a published author. Being that this book is interactive, you have a lot of control over the outcome of the story. And like every story, there is a beginning, middle, and ending.
Now that we have taken a peek at the ending, let’s talk about how to begin. This book is not a how-to on writing a book but encourages self-help for those who’d like to publish one themselves. However, it dose incorporate a helpful guided journal and workbook to help manage the production and publication of your book.
It all starts with writing down your book idea…”

Self Help for Self-Publishers: How-to Workbook and Planner is the tool for those who aspire to one day see their book in the hands of children, young adults, and adults- reading, enjoying and sharing it with others. But it’s not just for newbie authors: This book is for independent authors for whom each book project is an opportunity to learn more about their own process. The new book is not only how-to: Self Help for Self-Publishers offers tools to help anyone organize the seemingly abstract parts that form your book. One example is metadata. This handy book helps you to pull it all together in one space. Within its pages are activity worksheets, six months prompted planner, dot grid, and lined note paper to refine your plan- all on the way to completing and publishing your book. And by the end you’ll have a documented manual or blueprint of your own successful process. You can refer back to it for future projects. But it all starts with writing your book idea down. So be prepared with your great book idea already written down and your manuscript typed out.  And from there you are guided on a self-help journey to actually publish your book.

Who is this book for:

When you are working on self-publishing your book you might wonder to yourself, if only there were an analog solution to organize my self-publishing journey. Maybe if there were a workbook to work out my plan in, I could complete and finally publish my book. This workbook has to be an informative how-to, with a simple description of the requirements to self-publish my book. This book would give an overview of the types of services that are needed before I can publish my book, with a log to keep passwords for each publishing account. And because there can be so much to do, it would walk me through the production and editorial stages of publishing my book. This very useful book would touch on topics ranging from the editing stages and how to hire an editor, to the book cover and hiring an artist or illustrator, formator, and layout designer. It would inform me about how to build my book’s metadata to help market my book. This amazing book would prompt me and give lots of space to write in my answers. And this book has got to have plenty of lined paper to take notes and dot grid paper for drawing and doodling. Also, to help me plan, this book must have a calendar, with a weekly planner for to-do lists. And when I am not sure what to do next, each week would have an activities list with suggestions for that week. This book would be a companion on my self-publishing journey. Not too small, at 6 by 9 inches and large enough, with ample room to write out my ideas as they pop into my mind. I’d definitely keep it at my bedside, and it is something I’d surely take with me on the go- pack it in my tote, backpack, purse, man bag, etc. You never know when good ideas come up, so I’d have it to jot them down on the train, at the beach or at work. I would love a journal like this.
You’ve got it! I wrote Self Help For Self Publishers as the tool for you to author your own journey of independent authorship. Because, it’s not so much about what is in this book (and there is a lot), as much as it’s about what you’ll put into it. You are the help you’ve been looking for. Self Help for Self Publishers only facilitates your journey. Yes, it’s inside you and this book is a space designed for you to create, plan, and organize your self-publishing journey. It is for those who aspire to one day see their book in the hands of children or adults- reading, enjoying and sharing it with others. This book is more than just encouragement. Self-Help for Self-Publishers offers tools to organize the seemingly abstract parts that form your book. For example metadata. It helps you to pull it all together in space in which you can sketch out, your book building plans, refine it, and complete your book. And by the end you’ll have documented a customed manual or blueprint for your success. But come ready with not just your great book idea already written down and your manuscript typed out. Because from there the you are guided on a self-help journey to actually publish your book.

What will you learn about:

Self-Help for Self-Publishers is part how-to, guided journal, workbook. Use it as a how to book to organize and planning your book, and a guided journal for productivity with prompts and useful tools. And it a workbook within which to apply what you have learned. These are tools to help yourself first, before enlisting any paid services. Make notes, brainstorm, and journal your way to the successful completion of your book. Using this book, you will be prepared to provide what distributors ask for to upload your title.
The book title and subtitle says it all. Self-Help for Self-Publishers delivers much more than a step by step guide or how-to for publishing your book. It is also a workbook. It is a guided journal. You can use it as notebook to take notes. This book has space to keep your to write down your ISBN. But a book description and author biography are not enough to convey why this book is for you or why this author is the right one to write this book for you. The author’s name is not famous or are his other works of children’s fiction. But he made this book for you to share his experiences in publishing his titles. Everything about this book is set for you to have success in publishing your title. The pricing of the book is set the be affordable for you. Unlike other books in the How-to, Guided Journal, Workbook, and Self-Help genres Self-Help for Self-Publishers offers the reader fun activities as well as thoughtful insights. Short, sweet and free of page count boosting fluff, Self-Help for Self-Publishers has 6″ by 9″ dimensions making it easy to take anywhere. This is not a how-to write the next great novel or children’s book. This is the book you take along on your self-publishing journey, whether as an e-book or printed book. It will help you to publish that great book of yours, whatever the genre. Self-Help for Self-Publishers contains the high valued bare basics to effectively self-publish your book starting today.
Self-Help For Self-Publishers is the All In One How-To Guided Journal and Workbook for your successful self-publishing journey. It provides more than lined pages for space to write. This book is a vehicle full of ideas to help you ignite and sustain the stamina for a victorious and triumphant trip across the finish line as a self-published author. You will want to keep the journey going and publish more books. In two parts the book begins with the author’s own publishing journey. His story is sprinkled with the key tools and insights he uses to Self-Publish his own titles. This book concludes with the reader taking the baton to continue their journey to complete their own books and self-published them. If you are seeking an unique book that combines elements of self-help with a customized all in one How-To Guided Journal and Workbook to effectively help guide you to make your book a reality Self-Help For Self-Publishers is for you.

This book covers how to hire an editor and publish your completed writings. Among other things. The knowledge you gain will help save your money and energy throughout the process of writing, editing, revising and designing of your book. There are firms that make money off the knowledge gap of creative people. This will help conserve your resources. Before you put out money on cover designers, marketers, writing workshops, coaches, etc. Take a moment to lay out the path that your book must travel to have it published and distributed worldwide.

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