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Author Biography

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Author Bio
In the first chapter you were prompted to write the first draft of your author biography. That may have been a challenge. Being self-promoting and doing it in third person just feels strange. You are basically introducing yourself to potential readers, while at the same time including a searchable keyword or two in there. The tone you use in your author bio could tell readers what kind of book to expect from you.
Try to include something about:

An early inspiration
Your education or experience in the area written about
Your other written works
What your working on now
An achievement, even something small, that’s related to your book topic
What you enjoy doing

One thing that is overlooked is being consistent with the spelling of the author name. If you use your middle initial in one place, remember to use it everywhere else too.

Other Works
An author’s other works can help their audience keep up with their current work. If you have books in different genres it can be harder for readers to follow your work and support you. By keeping this information up to date you are increasing the possibility of future sells of all your titles.

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