Your Book Metadata

When you begin to organize and work out the plan to publish your book, think about the descriptive metadata earlier rather than later. To complete and finally publish your book this simple descriptive book information is requirements to self-publish a book and helps your book sale when publish. These lessons give an overview of the types of information that are needed before you can publish a book. We walk you through the production and editorial stages of publishing a book. You’ll be touching topics that range from the editing stages and how to hire an editor, to the book cover and hiring an artist or illustrator, formator, and layout designer.
But what may be the most overlooked and least popular to cover is how to build descriptive book metadata to help market the book. This is one activity we suggest doing at the start. Even as early as when the book concept first pops up and you write down the idea. The very next thing to begin writing is the book’s descriptive metadata. If you decide to self-publish, immediately begin to collect data about your forthcoming book. Self-Help for Self-Publishers has the simpler way to independently author your own book. Because it’s not so much about what is in your book, as much as it’s about what you’ll put into it.