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Lil Phyllis Loves To Laff

It all starts with writing down your book idea- fiction or non-fiction. In order for your self-publishing journey of authorship to begin, you must write down your idea quickly before it goes away. That’s just how my own self-publishing journey began in 2012. I had an idea come to me for a children’s book, and I wrote it all down. At the time I had no idea that I’d be a multi-book author, and showing people a way to get their own book published, no less. Frankly, I managed to write and publish all my books through a process of trial and error.

Lil’ Phyllis Loves To Laff was my first title. It was published with the help of a vanity press company called Author House. Not to sound critical, but they publish any ones’ book for a fee- a vanity press then, and today they are referred to as a hybrid publisher. But, that is what I consider the price for an education. Their process worked in that, at the end, I got to hold the physical copies of my published book in my hands. And that was so exciting. But, what they didn’t teach me was the importance of creating a Self-Publishing Plan or business plan which would have launched my book to a greater readership.
Do you have a self-publishing plan for your book?

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