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Start a Self-Publishing Plan!

I thought all I needed to plan for were the words I write on the page, or designing a cover that stands out on the bookshelf. Yes all that is part of the process. But I missed a larger plan for my book. And once you get to the file upload stage you’re going to be prompted to make choices that affect your book. And you got to that point without a real plan good for you. You sound like me a decade ago when I published Lil’ Phyllis Loves to Laff. I remember I was sharing my dummy book with a bright group of third graders- I knew was I wanted to publish my book.(That me in the video below). I actually did go on to publish it, and learned by trail and error. That’s one way to learn the about publishing.

But not having a publishing plan at that point forces you to make hasty choices that hinder the beneficial outcome you work so hard to achieve. Books are a business with over 1.7 million titles produced each year that’s like
5000 books a day.
But business plans (self-publishing plan as I like to call them) are rarely, if ever encouraged for authors take make. Maybe because it seems easy to enter the book industry. But having a Self-publishing plan helps you get out of your book more than what you put into it.
take the free assessment and get started today, on your self-publishing plan!

Whether type of book you publishing, a self-publishing plan is an important tool to help guide your decisions. It your book’s business plan to reach success, providing clarity on all aspects of your book, such as services you’ll need and how much money you can allocate to each stage of production. Also the book formats you plan to produce and the companies that provide those services.
A Self-Publishing Plan helps you to check target your audience of a book before putting out of the book on the market. The purpose of a business plan is to help strategize from the start- creating a timeline on which to build on, after choosing a publication date. Also it must allow for flexibility as changes may occur, as well as delays. It also provides guidance on steps to be taken, resources required for achieving each milestone on the timeline.
After beginning the publishing stages. the self-publishing plan can be adjusted and even updated for the next book as your backlist grows in the process.

Unlock the benefits of a Self-Publishing Plan. It sets your book on course for success, with as little stress as possible.

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