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Trim Size

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Trim Size/Dimensions
Only print books need a trim size. It indicates a book’s dimensions in height, width and depth. Trim size is good for retailers to know when fitting books on shelves. When it comes to size most genres follow a certain norm. Libraries and bookstores may not choose a book with extreme physical dimension because of the challenge to shelve it. But a book size that is a bit out of its genre norms may help it to be noticed. You can check what’s already on the shelves in your book’s genre at your local bookstore and library. Information that goes on the book cover- front, back, and spine is also metadata. Also, there’s a specific set of information needed when filling in the request form on the IngramSpark Book Cover Template Generator page. Here are the pieces of metadata you’ll be asked to provide: ISBN, trim size, page count, and price (optional)

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