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Write It All Down

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It all starts with writing down your book idea- fiction or non-fiction. In order for your self-publishing journey of authorship to begin, you must write down your idea quickly before it goes away. That’s just how my own self-publishing journey began in 2012. I had an idea come to me for a children’s book, and I wrote it all down. At the time I had no idea that I’d be here working on a fifth book, and showing people a way to get their own book published, no less. Frankly, I managed to write and publish all my books through a process of trial and error. That includes the one you’re reading now. Because all books and their origins are different, that one reason to take time to make your book’s metadata as good as possible. Ironically enough all it metadata is, is more writing about every element of your book. As you continue you’ll see what I mean.

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