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Book Description
The goal with a book description is to build interest and engage new readers to choose your book for their next read. In chapter one you started by looking at other book descriptions for examples. Then you used the space provided to start brainstorming your own. Here is support to help finalize your book’s description. Sometimes called the sales description, this is about giving people a look at what a book has to offer them if they buy it. Through the description you are establishing a report with the reader right away. You use it to announce to the reader there’s something really interesting in this book for you, if you’d just stop and take a look inside it. It also helps to include as many keywords as possible, that make sense in the description. Try to write a few versions of a book description, and choose the two that are the best. Make one the short description. Like a headline, the short description is written to be a quick and exciting statement of the most interesting thing about the book. The other, long description expands on what the book offers the reader. Write the long version to back up the headline with more details of what the reader will find inside. Tell the reader about the problem the book attempts to address or the adventure that awaits them.
Hint at the solution that’s inside the book’s pages. Let the reader know that the content will help them in a specific way if they continue to read. When writing the description, do so with your ideal reader in mind, write what they would ask about your book. But leave out the best details. Then conclude in the description a summary of what’s in the book and who the book is for. Place any awards and recognitions here. But try not to add dates to a description so that the copy will always appear new.
The shorter version of your book description introducing your book could also be placed in the back cover copy. While the reader is holding a physical copy in their hand it might interest them. The back cover is another chance to sell the book using the copy you write for it. And new readers may choose your book as their next read based on your description. Also consider adding a juicy quote, from the book to hook the readers.

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