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What Is Metadata?

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Plan Your Book Metadata

Its the one thing all self-publishing companies or providers need to help you reach your goal. Especially those offering book distribution services : distribution or aggregation. To upload your book files to a platform for distribution you must first provide your title’s metadata.

In this list is oft-overlooked publishing tools that will reduce the stress associated with a self-publishing project. Learning the information covered here is recommended for authors looking to take their already written manuscript through the stages of self-publishing.

Knowing this list of metadata terms will help you to publish efficiently and with less stress. Beginners and even the seasoned authors, must be aware of how to utilize metadata.

Wherever you are currently in the publishing process, you can learn about metadata easily. Then incorporate it into your self-publishing process. I know it’s not as glamourous as actually writing the novel. But when you practice the basics, you can get more sales from people looking for a book like yours.

I have prepared this list so you can click the links to the information with some text to read and quick videos to view. You might find them to be helpful.

Choosing a Self-Publishing Company?
Choosing a Self-Publishing Company?
Pre-Order Companies
back Apple Books Amazon Kobo Barnes and Noble Google Play IngramSparkPublishDriveStreetlibSmashwords
Pick a Publication Date
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Self-Publishing Companies
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Open These Accounts
Bank Accounts Distributor/s/AggregatorsFreelance Agency Design SoftwareRegistrantsEducationBusiness CheckingIngramSpark.comtel: 1(855) 997-7275Upwork.comtel: 1(855) 676-3375Creativecloud.adobe.comtel:1(800) 833-6687MyIdentifiers.comtel: …